Rank And ROI Analysis By Region

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Rank And ROI Analysis By Region

Rank And ROI Analysis By Region

Go beyond rankings and understand the true global performance of your website

We know you’re interested in rankings because you keep telling us so!  Analysing rankings is still an important part of the SEO mix, but we all need to be much more sophisticated about this is today’s Google-led world and take their advice about not checking rankings on the chin.

Rank And ROI Analysis By RegionWhy?  Well for a start you need to start thinking about the probability of ranking – or at very least looking at the average rank position.  Google puts so many bits and pieces into a set of results these days and then takes them out again.  How an earth can anyone really measure an accurate position?

Then there’s personalisation.  What you see is not what I see and what I see today in this city may be different tomorrow in another place.

Solution?  Well first, it’s important to say that we really need to look at a range of measures, not just pure rankings.  Fortunately, we do have the ability to make periodic checks of rankings – but we also believe in reading closely what Google’s webmaster tools says – in other words analysing click through rates by keyword, by rank position and by URL. 

We also believe that Google’s webmaster tools rankings are useful.  Yes they don’t correspond to what we always expect, but how the heck do we know what everyone is seeing?  Maybe when Google says the average rank was 80 and we’re seeing 8, they know something we don’t.  (Actually, we can categorically guarantee that Google knows more than we do!)

In any case, rankings can only tell how successful SEO efforts are which is why so many SEOs are obsessed with them (understandably).  Ultimately, traffic and conversions are much more important than apparent rankings – so they need to be included in your consideration of your visibility performance.

Rank And ROI Analysis By RegionConversion is the diamond which delivers the ROI – so matching your international SEO efforts to what actually works is rather important.  Well critical actually.  We recommend using just a pinch of pay per click activity to get a clearer picture of this more quickly – and to ensure that SEO efforts are wisely invested.

And measuring ROI performance by region versus the amount you invest per region is key too.  We log every thing we do by region and can show you at any time, the amount you’ve invested per region.  Then we can correlate that with outcomes to see how things really are going.  Results are more then pretty graphs, whilst it’s always nice to be able to display a nice performance chart, it’s the actual numbers which are the acid test.

How does Webcertain help you understand your global and regional performance?

  • We look at it from this way and that and really try to figure what’s actually going on.
  • We don’t assume that a big spike in traffic means we did a good job and we’re going to claim all the credit.  It’s more important to understand what’s really going on.
  • We don’t panic – and we don’t let our clients panic either.  It’s very rare that a cool head doesn’t help you dig your business out of a crisis more quickly.
  • Nor do we panic when Google shakes things up.  We’ve been there before and we know that sometimes, it’s best to…well wait and be patient.
  • With a wide view across many international sites in many regions, we generally can tell the hype from the reality.  And believe me, there’s a LOT of hype.
Rank And ROI Analysis By Region

So go on,

There you go, we don’t make things any more complicated than they need to be!

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