Culturally Sensitive Campaigns

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Culturally Sensitive Campaigns

Culturally Sensitive Campaigns

Develop appropriate campaigns for each target audience to drive global success

Do you know what culture is?  Most people think it’s to do with the language you speak, the way you dress, your religion, manners and the way you eat.  Well it is – but that’s only really the beginning.  

Culturally Sensitive Campaigns“Culture” is the main reason that international marketing campaigns fail.  Or to be truthful, a lack of understanding of culture is the main reason campaigns fail.  So we really need to get to grips with this “culture” thing. 

You could say that “culture” is a mental framework which people in a target market use to navigate their world.  That framework is built from their education and their education comes from the way they’re taught in schools, the way their parents guide them and copying the behavior of other adults in their environment.  It’s also developed from a shared history and experience.

So the problem with “culture” is that it affects the way your target customers behave in everything they do – not just the way they speak or their manners.  So, for instance, this means the way they choose a mobile phone, the method they use to pay, the time of day they buy and the way they search are all directly affected by culture.

Culturally Sensitive International CampaignsSo when we say that our campaigns are “culturally sensitive”, we mean that we work very hard to figure out what the boundaries are and what the behavior will be from your target customers and respond to it in what we do. 

There are always surprises, but it’s also true that companies who are new to “culture” and international marketing often make the same mistakes others have made.  (That’s because they’re guided by their own cultural frameworks, of course).  Webcertain aims to help you avoid those mistakes by guiding you through the whole process.

How does Webcertain watch out for culture and remain culturally sensitive?

  • Firstly, we have a very international team with managers from every corner of the globe from Asia to South America, Europe and Africa.  Our “frameworks” are neutral because we have to work with each other.
  • Then we have many years of experience of the issues you might face and commit to sharing that with you.
  • And we have a lot of processes that are designed to uncover the potential risk areas such as “Trust Anchor Audits”.
  • Webcertain also has a research team which is constantly trying to unearth issues which might trip up the unwary.
Culturally Sensitive Campaigns

Let us help you build a culturally sensitive campaign,

There you go, we don’t make things any more complicated than they need to be!

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