Darn It Update It!

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Darn It Update It

Darn It Update It!

Content can go out-of-date, fix it quick!

Sometimes the world is a bit too dynamic right?  Remember that content and how much you invested to create it?  The brainstormings, the blood, the sweat and the tears?  Well somebody, somewhere, just changed the rules and its no longer relevant and needs updating!  Darn it!

Update contentYou wouldn’t believe it but some organisations don’t even allow for updates in their budgeting!  Not you of course.  Sadly, the maintenance and updating of great content – especially when it contains numbers for some strange reason – can often dwarf the original investment making the ROI look somewhat wan (which in this context means “sickly pale” rather than “wide area network”).

The solution?  Well ideally you’d want to create a team of people that can help you validate, amend, polish, purify and finesse things in every language you need.  Ideally they should be in one timezone and all work to the same style and processes.  And they should be friendly, helpful and service focused.  We call that.....(drum roll).....Webcertain.  Well you did ask.

Sadly, we have to also tell you that update time is also blow it up time for many.  Yes, I did say blow it up time, and overwrite it, delete it, change it and destroy it time.  That’s because folks pay a lot of attention to the first launch of content, but the updates are “delegated”.  In other words, whatever the process and whoever is involved, it probably isn’t going to happen as would ideally like.  Remember all that beautiful grammar and the wonderful graphic design?  Gone.

Update international contentWhat you need is a cost-effective resource which knows how it was put together in the first place, knows what you were trying to achieve and does it again, and again and again – without you having to worry or pick up the phone!   Alternatively you could simply shout at the world to stop!  Hmm probably not going to work but might help with the blood pressure!

So how does Webcertain safely look after your updates in any language:

  • Webcertain has an extensive team of web specialists speaking all of 44 language and more – which does make it rather a lot easier.
  • The team has considerable experience of maintaining leading brands online for, well, the leading brands themselves.
  • We understand the reasons for content being like it is – social sharing, SEO, keywords, you name it we know about it when it comes to content
Darn It Update It

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