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Get Your Data Together

Get Your Data Together

Turning your data into knowledge

You’re heard of big data right?  And data blindness too for sure?  And you’re most concerned about getting true insights as well as not having to invest hours and hours of in data hunting?  Anyone can generate data and lots of it, but not everyone can make data shine a light on what’s really going on especially when you’re pulling data from lots of different sources! And you don’t have time for that because you need to know now, what works and what doesn’t! 

In some cases it would be true to say that pretty reports and complex data is pushed out to customers to keep them busy – and quiet.  We definitely don’t do that.  We love our data challenges.  Push us data from Google Analytics and we’ll merge it with Marketo and Eloqua or pretty much any professional analsys program you’d like to name, then pull in spend data from ourselves and check Site Catalyst for what it says.  Then we’ll reference Webmaster Tools and see if that confirms our suspicions.  And if you want us to spin it around horizontally, colour it blue and knead into a better shaped bread, we’ll find a way and we’ll deliver.

Don’t believe us?  No people generally don’t until they’ve actually seen the data.  In fact people like you (sic), just don’t believe we can do it and deliver on our promises until we actually show the data and you’ve managed to validate it by comparing it with something else!  Trick or treat?  No that’s you – and we understand that because we’re that person too!  We know you need to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about how to drive your business forward – because you can see the answer right there in front of you.

What’s interesting though is that in terms of delivery, we have quite a unique set-up.  We know you’ve heard “unique” before, but give us chance to explain.  Right back in 2008 we started building our own system that manages pretty much everything – including the activity of our team(s).  We call it Global Central.  And the team we’ve put behind it think that managing APIs is as simple as ABC.  (Actually they call it JSON, SOAP and RESTful which sounds more like some nightime routine!)

But they’re only the data manipulators – we have data interrogators too!   All in all, theWebcertain team can really help to shape your data into knowledge.  OK that line may not be unique, but we’ve solved many situations where others couldn’t deliver.

So, if the formula is: data capturers + data manipulators + data interrogators = data magic – then how will Webcertain deliver that?

  • We conjure up the data from those data sources you’ve got sitting around
  • We spin that into a shape that represents knowledge
  • We discard a LOT of data that’s just not really useful (Yes we just trash it – it’s such fun!)
  • And then we sprinkle a little intuition dust into the mix
Get Your Data Together

We combine the power of computer processing with people power!

We will, of course, log that.

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