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Website translation technology service

Just Add Website Translation Technology

Using bespoke technology to localise your websites

When you first built that website, little did you realise how much opportunity it was going to bring to your door!  Well that’s good news, of course, until someone says “But we’re getting visitors from all over the world and we need to expand internationally”.  Now then, since the website wasn’t even remotely conceived to have the abiltiy to “go global”, there’s a bit of gap emerging between the aspiration and the capability.

Building Multilingual WebsitesAnd that’s where you come in because you’ve been given the inenviable task of figuring that one out.  Well you’ve come to the right place.  You may not know your XLIFF from your elbow, but we can help.  You may not know how to configure XML files for ultimate efficiency and again we can help.  And you may not have a content management system which can do anything other than creak at the seams – and we can help you there too.

Translation technology is all about many issues – but there are probably two which rank above all others.  Firstly, and by far the most important, is making sure that the correct information appears to the user at the right time – and this means that the translation which will be viewed by the user must be correct and meaningful.  It certainly must not come across to the user as in any way strange or ‘foreign’.

The second key purpose of the technologies is to prevent wasted resources being sunk into re-inventing the wheel time after time after time – and this is achieved in many different areas with a great many individual steps. 

Multilingual website localisationFor example, there are translation memories involved.  No, these are not recollections of earlier traumas related to launching international websites, they are in fact a fundamental part of the translation tapestry.  They keep important records of how you translated words and phrases last time – which means you don’t have to do it again and again.

And of course, key to both ensuring that you have an accurately translated website and don’t lose your mind in the process is an effective workflow and aligning of technologies to make the exporting and importing of content to your CMS seamless and pain-free.

If this is already sounding like a headache, let us reassure you that it doesn’t have to be!

At Webcertain, helping our clients build an international web presence efficently is a our bread and butter – and this is how we do it:

  • We’ve spent years fine-tuning and developing our workflows and technologies to ensure the localisation process for websites large and small will run smoothly
  • We combine translation and web development expertise to guarantee that no apsect of the process is overlooked and that all factors are given due care and attention
  • We’re flexible and will adapt to the needs and requirements of your business and your systems, to provide a solution that works for you
Website translation technology service

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