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Web Analytics

Website Tracking

Web analytics plays a crucial role in web marketing as it enables marketers to track all activity on their website and analyse and interpret the data to create effective and relevant online campaigns.

By tracking user activity on a website - from the keywords they used to the pages they visit, from visitor location to how many times they have been on the site - marketers can gain an understanding of who their visitors are and what they are looking for, which enables them to optimise campaigns and increase conversion rates.

The comprehensive data provided by tracking systems also enables marketers to measure costs, conversions and therefore return on investment accurately.

Webcertain's clients have 24/7 access to all tracking on their websites and the teams use the data extensively to assist in making campaign and optimisation decisions.

BidFluency and Global Central can be delivered as part of a package, or as standalone tools.

Webcertain works with a range of web analytics and tracking tools including:

  • Yahoo! Web Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Omniture
  • CoreMetrics
  • Dart

Webcertain can also offer its clients its own bespoke web tracking tools, which have been developed especially for global campaigns.


Bidfluency is Webcertain's bid management tool for international pay per click campaigns. The tool allows you to manage all aspects of your campaign from keywords, to ad copy to bids and provides comprehensive reporting on a variety of trends and metrics such as CPA, ROI, CTR, Impressions and Average CPC.

BidFluency has an API to all of the major global search engines including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Baidu and Yandex and is capable of operating in any language, allowing you to manage multilingual campaigns from one place.

The tool can track both paid and organic search data, to give you a comprehensive analysis of all activity on your web site and assist you in achieving maximum ROI for your online campaigns.

For more information on BidFluency, contact us.

Global Central

Global Central is Webcertain's one stop shop for all your global tracking needs!
This web analytics tool is designed specifically for companies with large global websites in multiple languages, to allow you to view your web traffic from every one of your sites on just one user-friendly interface.

The tool can work with any language and character set, and the automated reporting enables you to easily compare data from across the world and accurately monitor your global performance.

Contact us to find out how Global Central can work for you.

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