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Travel Sector - Case Study


Like any domestic campaign, the key to a successful international campaign is to ensure the keywords, creative copy, and landing pages meet the searcher's expectations. An effective international paid search campaign will ultimately maximize a client's visibility on an international search engine's results page.

The brief and objective...

Icelandairneeded a search marketing company that not only understood its business but had expertise in delivering international online marketing campaigns in multiple languages. The airline operates in a very lucrative, but highly competitive, European market. The online campaign would target four key markets - UK, Germany, Holland and France - where Icelandair needed to improve conversion rates, as well as providing a platform for future organic search campaigns. It would focus on improving sales of their scheduled flights to Iceland, USA and Canada from those markets.


WebCertain delivers multilingual Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for Icelandair, including effective keywords and creative management. Four members of WebCertain's World Language Hub - all experts in PPC and native speakers in the target languages - work together as a team. They provide a full localisation service, including ad copy writing and keywords. Their expertise in local search engine practices and methods in each territory enables them to deliver effective keywords searched for in the target languages. For this campaign, existing ads were reviewed and various changes to copy and landing pages were made. WebCertain's team continuously monitor and measure the campaigns to gather new data. This allows them to implement new strategies such as uploading longtail, which is new and unique keywords that have been entered into search engines and have a lower cost per click but also widen the reach of the campaign and improve campaign conversion.

Icelandair has a defined budget which WebCertain manages throughout the campaign, reporting back on a weekly basis. Bids are adjusted depending on how many clicks the ads have had, what price they were and what the ranking and conversion rates for those keywords are. Developments are discussed between WebCertain and Icelandair and improvement plans agreed.


An example of the improvements WebCertain has made during this project includes a change to the landing page for searches on USA flights. This was switched from New York only, when flights to the USA was entered, to the landing page showing all flights to the US. The change has made the search applicable to more people and retained more visitors.

The campaigns have been very successful. The UK campaign has yielded a 100% ROI since it began 8 months ago and has seen a 70% increase in conversions in the last quarter. The average cost per click has also been reduced in all four country campaigns, exemplifying how one agency with multilingual capabilities can achieve success by implementing a consistent strategy across a number of markets.

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