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Swedish - Leading Scandinavian Tongue


The Swedish language: an introduction

Swedish is the largest of the Scandinavian languages. Through the Germanic branch of the Indo-European family of languages, it is most closely linked to Norwegian and Danish - but is less similar to them than they are to each other.

How many speakers are there of the Swedish language?

There are approximately 9 million native speakers of Swedish. The majority live in Sweden but there are also substantial numbers in Finland.

What Swedish language issues do I need to watch out for?

Swedish uses the Latin alphabet but has 29 characters in total - meaning that accents are an issue. It has substantial vocabulary borrowings from German, French and English.

Which major search engines are important to Swedish speakers?

As in almost all European countries, Swedish netizens rely heavily on Google as a means to navigate their way around the web. And despite having witnessed a slight decline in market share over the past 12 months – from 95.7% to 93.9% - Google continues its complete domination of the category. That said, Bing (4.7%) has increased its market share by 2.2 percentage points (nearly a doubling) over the course of the last year and it shall be interesting to see if Microsoft’s search engine will be able to build on this momentum.

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