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Romanian - Most Eastern Latin-Offshoot


The Romanian language: an introduction

Romanian is sometime spelt Rumanian and is the official language of Romania. It is the furthest east descendant of the Latin language thanks to the eastern expansion of the Roman Empire.

Romanian used to be the only Romance language written in the Cyrillic alphabet - but switched to the Latin script in 1860. The language's vocabulary has been heavily influenced by its Slavic neighbours as well as Greek, Turkish and French.

How many speakers are there of the Romanian language?

There are 24 million Romanian language speakers - most of which are in Romania and Moldova.

What Romanian language issues do I need to watch out for?

There are 3 genders in Romanian.

Which major search engines are important to Romanian speakers?

Google Romania is the most popular search engine, with 95% market share. This is a 2% fall on the previous year, however, and rivals Yahoo and Bing have recently made gains.

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