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Japanese - Eastern Language of Honour


The Japanese language: an introduction

Japanese is not known to be linked directly with any other language. It uses some Chinese characters but Chinese and Japanese are very different languages. It has similarities with Korean and even with Turkish - but these similarities are not strong enough to define the heritage of the language. It has a system of 'honourifics' which grammatically reflect the status of the speaker.

How many speakers are there of the Japanese language?

There are approximately 130 million speakers of Japanese - mainly living in Japan.

What Japanese language issues do I need to watch out for?

Japanese is a complex language to handle. It has three main different types of characters:

  • Kanji - the adopted Chinese characters
  • Hiragana - a vowel or consonant+vowel simple character usually representing particles
  • Katakana - a vowel or consonant+vowel simple character usually transcribing company names or borrowed words and handling onomatopoeia

Which major search engines are important to Japanese speakers?

The search engine market in Japan is a two-horse race, with Yahoo Japan staying in the lead for now with 53% market share, compared to Google Japan’s 40% market share.

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