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The Italian language: an introduction

Italian is the closest of the Latin-based languages and more similar to Latin than French, Spanish, Portuguese or Romanian - standard Italian is regarded as that from Florence though there are many dialects throughout Italy.

How many speakers are there of the Italian language?

There are 64 million speakers of Italian, mainly in Italy itself but also people in Switzerland, San Marino and Slovenia.

What Italian language issues do I need to watch out for?

Italian has just 21 letters in its alphabet. A good knowledge of Italian is the most essential skill required.

Which major search engines are important to Italian speakers?

Google Italy is the dominant search engine, with 95% market share.

Italian SEO, PPC and Online PR Services from Webcertain

Improve your presence in Italian search engines with Webcertain's Italian search marketing services. Reach your audience in Italy through multilingual SEO, multilingual PPC and Italian online PR. With Italian native speakers and local cultural knowledge of Italy, Webcertain will give your online campaigns the boost they need to achieve success in the Italian market.

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