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Thai - A Family of Languages For Thailand


The Thai language: an introduction

Thai belongs to its own group of languages, spoken mainly in Thailand, known as Tai - its relationship to other language families is not clear.

How many speakers are there of the Thai language?

Standard Thai is the official language of Thailand and is spoken by some 60 million speakers.

What Thai language issues do I need to watch out for?

The Thai alphabet derives from the Khmer alphabet which in turn came from the Brahmic Indic script. It has 44 consonants and more than 28 vowel forms as well as tonal marks. Most Thai words have only one syllable.

Which major search engines are important to Thai speakers?

Thailand’s online population is steadily growing and has great potential for future growth. 30% of the population now has internet access, an increase of almost 3% from this time last year. Thai internet users are the heaviest searchers in the world, with the average internet user making 143.3 searches per month compared to the global average of 119.7.

Google completely and utterly dominates the search market in Thailand, with a market share above 99%. This may well change however, as Chinese search giant Baidu has just launched its Thai language version.

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