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Strategic Selection Of Channels And Tactics

Strategic Selection Of Channels And Tactics

Selecting the right mix of channels for your brand

Need a crystal ball?  Yep it’s difficult to predict the future and whilst online marketing is such a powerful resource with so much intelligence behind it, it’s actually pretty difficult to know for certain how things are going to interact with each other in the real world – and that’s especially the case when you’re talking about an international brand which may show completely different attributes in different markets.  Unless you’ve been there before, done it and got the t-shirt of course.

Strategy - Channels And Tactics 1So the key is, who has the experience to help you through the strategic maze?  The answer is really to look for a partner that has lots of experience in the channel or channels and ideally a team which has been around the block.  Enter Webcertain. 

Webcertain has been in online marketing since the days when online was not only not mainstream, it hadn’t even fallen as raindrops into the stream.  Our team has worked with the brightest and the best around the world to get where we are today – which is essentially a business which has been around for over 15 years with the experience of working with several hundred of the worlds leading brands and a similar number of the top agencies.

And we can share the secret of success; patience.  No it’s not metrics, nor ROI – though both of those things remain important.  The key is in not believing the online marketing hype that business can be generated in 15 minutes.  For most people, it can’t and requires significant nurturing, care and attention to detail in order to generate the maximum potential result.  This is especially the case if you’re running complex multi-channel campaigns where email and offline are as important in the mix as online media and SEO.  Or in e-commerce where “Click and Collect” has become so important.

Strategy - Channels And Tactics 2Testing things is also very important, but that relies on patience two because, in our experience tests are often rushed or not given enough time to have their full impact.  We have to confess to prefering A/B tests over multivariate testing for most people – simple down to the depth of understanding and the preparedness for multivariate but also the results seem to be digested and adopted more quickly.

Do you need help in selecting the right mix of channels?  How can Webcertain help?

  • The first step is actually to look backwards at what we already know from the data you already have.  We can’t rely on that predicting the future accurately, but it can help us to ask questions such as “Is that still true?  Which new factors might change this pattern?”
  • Some research time is then required to check what data we already have as an agency or to see if there is additional data available externally which we can add to sharpen the picture
  • Our best minds then debate the best solution for you before debating the issue with your team to evovle the very best solution.
  • Then a plan to test key elements is deployed before a full implementation follows (that’s in an ideal world, sometimes the brand just doesn’t have the “patience” time to allow this to happen and has to go for best guess.
Strategic Selection Of Channels And Tactics

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