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Global Social Media

Webcertain offers a range of Social Media Services

1. Social Media Monitoring

Global social mediaRegardless of how active you are in social media it is essential to monitor your social media presence so you are aware what is being said about you.

We produce regular reports that are detailed, yet easy to read, so you can monitor your brand and keyword presence in the social media channels.

2. Social Media Landscape & Competitor Analysis

The first step in embarking on any social media campaign is to assess the opportunities available to you and to identify how you can steal a march on your competitors

Our landscape analysis involves:

  • Comprehensive review of brand and keyword presence on the main social networking sites in your markets.
  • Competitor social media activity review (as above, reviewing 3 competitors).

3. Social Media Campaign Strategy

Global social mediaWith detailed landscape analysis we are able to provide you with recommendations on the strategies that can bring the most success to your company.

We recommend:

  • Which social media sites you should put the most resources into developing a presence on
  • What supporting content would be needed to achieve the best results
  • The tone of voice and types of conversation you would be best engaging in
  • How to build up networks

4. Social Media Training

The most effective social media campaigns are successful because of the involvement of experts with genuine knowledge and enthusiasm for their subject.

Therefore, we expect that most of our clients will use their own staff at some point to work on their social media campaigns, but this needs to be managed carefully.

Webcertain provides full training on social media, from explaining Twitter jargon to instruction on using plug-ins and general best practice.

5. Twitter: Keyword Search Results Management

Global social media twitterTwitter is not only the fastest growing social media site, but the fastest growing website overall, with users having multiplied seven-fold in the first quarter of 2009.

Twitter is in effect a search engine as well as a networking site, offering real-time search results and like any other search engine, it is vital to manage your presence in these search results.

The Webcertain Multilingual Twitter Keyword Search Results management service does it all for you:

  • Producing compelling, keyword optimised tweets
  • Regular posting to ensure a steady flow of content
  • Engaging with other Twitter users

6. Content to support Social Media campaigns

Having something interesting to talk about or developing an application that will engage users is an important component in social media campaigns.

Webcertain offers bespoke, multimedia content production in all the major web languages, including:

  • Optimised News and Features copywriting
  • Video production and editing
  • Image sourcing, creation and keyword-optimised publishing
  • Facebook application development

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