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Serbian - Language of The Former Yugoslavia


The Serbian language: an introduction

Serbian is a member of the Slavic family and was formerly the main language of Yugoslavia - now focused in Serbia itself.

How many speakers are there of the Serbian language?

Serbian is the language of 9 million people in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Croatia. It is closely related to Croatian and is largely the same language written in the Cyrillic alphabet, although many Serbs can also read the language in the Latin alphabet.

What Serbian language issues do I need to watch out for?

As a Slavic language, Serbian is inflected in the same way as Russian. Note that the Serbian alphabet is not entirely the same as that used by Russian - as 9 Russian letters are missing and Serbian has 6 letters of its own.

Which major search engines are important to Serbian speakers?

Google Serbia is the most popular search engine, with 95% market share.

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