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SEO Friendly Content Management

Veloseo - Content management systemOur bespoke website content management system has been carefully developed over several years to provide a simple and easy way to manage your website content. It's core concept is to separate the website design process from the content, which allows you to easily create pages and update content without needing technical skills in web design or development.

The main benefits of Veloseo include:

  • 100% web-based application so can be accessed from anywhere in the world, anytime
    PHP Publishing Framework
  • Custom Templates - meaning that the look and feel of your website is retained throughout
  • Editing Suite, providing contributors with familiar editing functions, similar to Microsoft Word
  • Creates SEO friendly websites, with simple and readable URLs appropriate for both humans and search engines
  • Module based system meaning that you only pay for the functions you require and can easily add new functions when needed. New modules can also be created to cater for your specific needs.

Sites on Veloseo can range from a few pages to several hundred, depending on the needs for your website. The wide range of modules within the system lets you use common features such as news pages, contact forms, page banners and feature boxes, and we are able to develop more customised features such as online training and exam courses or video wall integrations.

If your website needs optimising for search engines, or localising into other languages, you can also export and import the pages so that your changes can be smoothly integrated into your website.

For more information about Veloseo or to enquire, please contact us.

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