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Polish - Powerhouse of Eastern Europe


The Polish language: an introduction

Polish is a Slavic language with much of its vocabulary similar to other Slavic languages - but with many home-grown words too.

How many speakers are there of the Polish language?

Many are surprised by the size and scale of the Polish language which has over 40 million native speakers. It is the second largest Slavic language after Russian.

What Polish language issues do I need to watch out for?

Like other Slavic languages, Polish is inflected - meaning that word endings change to indicate the function of a word in a sentence. It also uses many accents and has 7 digraphs (double-letters). It has a strange system of genders which, for various reasons produces 5 genders as opposed to the more usual 3.

Which major search engines are important to Polish speakers?

Google Poland dominates the search market, with its market share growing from 96.6% to 97.3% over the last year. Poland is a country of prolific searchers, recently coming second in a study into the number of searches conducted per searcher in all European countries.

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