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Campaign Localisation in Any Language

The most important thing to remember when embarking on a multilingual campaign is that every country is different, and what works well in one market will be thoroughly ineffective in another. So although a campaign has been successful in English, simply translating it into other languages is unlikely to reap any reward. This is where many search agencies struggle...they haven't got the linguistic and cultural knowledge to successfully undertake the project. This is where Webcertain comes in.

Rather than mere translation, our process more accurately transfers meanings and expressions from one local diction to another without loss of clarity or meaning. Based on research and the techniques shown below, creative adverts and keywords can be used much more naturally and effectively. Native speakers, who are also search specialists, will work on the campaigns from start to finish. They operate a dual process of translation and validation to ensure that the ads will have the best possible impact in each market. As search term and keyword research is the foundation of any paid search campaign, Webcertain will use a combination of linguistic and search knowledge to research the suggested keywords and to gather data on popular search terms. This will enable them to build up a bank of words and terms in each language which should be used within a campaign and highlight any potential 'faux pas'.

For example: In French, a laptop is a "PC portable". But a "portable" is also a mobile phone. So, portable would have to be added as negative embedded match option to the listings of the campaign. If this wasn't applied, it would come up in searches for mobile phones. Although this may get many clicks, they will be ineffective as people will be searching for a mobile phone.

Once this information has been collated, the team can then begin work on the creatives. English ads can be used as a basis for all the ads, and can be re-written into the target languages, or it is equally possible for the team to create new ads from scratch. The aim is to create an ad that conveys the desired meaning in a manner most suitable for the target audience. Therefore, changes will undoubtedly be made to the original ad, in order to make the new version culturally and linguistically appropriate, whilst always remaining within the requirements of the advertising platform.

This example illustrates this process:

Email Friends, Watch Video, Find Football Scores - From Anywhere is the original ad

The translation of "Football Scores" is "Risultati delle partite di calcio" which is too long

The team offered two alternatives -

Either just use the word partite alone, as it relates to general sports:

Invia email, guarda video, vedi i risultati delle partite, ovunque.

Or, as football is very popular in Italy, change the ad around to focus more on football but with less information,

Guarda video, vedi i risultati delle partite di calcio, ovunque.

Both ads are now suitable for both the Italian market and the advertising platform.

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