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Norwegian - Bokmà¥l - Written Tongue of Norway


The Norwegian language: an introduction

Norwegian and Danish are closely related languages thanks to a long joint history - Norway was for many years part of Denmark. The Norwegian language could be described as a descendant of Danish since it evolved out of Danish rule. It is also related - though less closely - to Swedish.

How many speakers are there of the Norwegian language?

Approximately 5 million people speak Norwegian as their mother tongue.

What Norwegian language issues do I need to watch out for?

Norwegian is a language of many dialects. It's important to target bokmà¥l which is the most commonly used written form of the language.

Which major search engines are important to Norwegian speakers?

Google Norway is the most popular search engine, with 92% market share. Rival Bing has gone down in popularity, from 6% market share to 4% market share in just the last year.

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