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Link Building in Any Language

International link buildingA website ranking high in the search engine results pages is the goal of every business, and as the number of links to a site has a huge impact on these rankings, Link Building is a crucial part of any SEO campaign.

It is the search engines view that if hundreds or thousands of other websites link to yours, then your site must be very popular, and also have value. If the sources of those links are important, popular and well-respected websites, then their value is multiplied. Alternatively, if the links come from low-quality, interlinked sites or sites which are completely irrelevant to your site, then their value will be a lot lower and will have a negative impact on your ranking.

International link buildingMultilingual SEO campaigns have of course added complexity, as to achieve the best results links must not only be good quality, but also in the local language. As with all Webcertain's services, native speakers of the relevant languages will work on the project to ensure quality and accuracy.

The link building service encompasses a variety of methods in order to increase the number of quality, inbound links to your site.

They include:

  • Directory submissions - They represent an immediate and direct route to getting your domains more connections in the market you are targeting and therefore getting the prominence quicker and the visibility your site deserves.
  • Link Sourcing - It involves researching and approaching webmasters from potential business and niche related websites by persuading them to link through authority. The sites chosen will have content relevant to your own site and therefore provide valuable links if they agree to the request.
  • Paid Listings - Top level paid directories are beneficial because they generally give you the option of having deep links, which allow you to link to any page of your site. This, therefore, will take visitors to the most relevant page for them.
  • Improved content to attract natural links - The better your content, the more inbound links you will receive, without having to ask or pay for them.
  • Link Analysis - We examine potential within the market by analysing your website's link profile to your competitors'. We look at the internal linking structure, analyse the nature of your external links as well as the performance of your targeted keywords.

The process of link building and all of the necessary research involved can be very tedious and time consuming. A consistent approach, as well as patience and attention to detail are vital to achieve the desired results and this is where Webcertain comes in.

As with all Webcertain's services, Link Fluency is a fully managed consultancy service. All aspects of the link building process are regularly monitored and quarterly reports are provided on link popularity - including text links and referrals, i.e. which URLs are providing the links. The consultancy aspect includes details on the processes involved and the methods required to increase links, and, therefore, improve rankings.

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