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International Opportunity Selection

Today the web is a truly global phenomenon and there are huge opportunities for web marketers to expand their reach internationally. Some markets are especially attractive because of their size - such as China where there are now more people online than there are in the US - but size does not mean that is the right target for your project.

First, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. Is there a market in the target country or region for the product or service?
  2. Do people search for the product or service?
  3. Is it logistically possible to deliver the product or service?
  4. What is needed in terms of sales or customer support?
  5. Is it possible to move revenue earned out of the country?
  6. Do we have the correct payment systems for that market?
  7. How strong is the competition - what competitive advantage can be leveraged?

Webcertain combines all of the above questions in a single report as a 'Web Market Analysis' which is a form of high speed research based on search terms. It doesn't replace, but supplements, direct market research.

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