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Indonesian - Also Called 'Malay'


The Indonesian or Malay language: an introduction

Indonesian has been the national language of Indonesia since the country's independence in 1945. Indonesian and Malay are the same language and although at one time they had different spellings, this situation was rationalised in 1972.

How many speakers are there of the Indonesian language?

220 million people speak Malay-Indonesian in Indonesia, Malaysia and surrounding countries.

What Indonesian language issues do I need to watch out for?

An intriguing feature of Malay-Indonesian is the way it creates plurals - by repeating the word twice. So for instance, that would make the plural of the English word 'book' become 'book-book'. This can have an impact of keyword density for search marketers.

Which major search engines are important to Indonesian speakers?

Indonesia, the 4th most populous country on earth but only ranking 8th when it comes to internet population size, continues to be in the early stages of internet adoption. Google Indonesia is the dominant search engine, with 95% market share.

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