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International Web Hosting

Geo Targeting and Local Domains

GlobalToo is Webcertain's international website hosting service which allows you to physically locate your website where it will be most effective and will provide a further boost to your SEO efforts.

Whilst having your website translated into your target languages, with optimised and relevant content will go a long way to helping you achieve global online success, the location of your site must also be taken into consideration in order to maximise the full international potential.

Search engines favour sites that are hosted in the country they are related to, and that have local country domains. This does not mean that sites hosted elsewhere will never be seen by users, but it will take longer for this to occur, and local sites are likely to rank a little higher.

Different websites and organisations have different needs, and GlobalToo offers a range of options, which can be tailored to individual requirements.

Local Hosting

Hosting your website on one of Webcertain's servers around the world allows you to combine a local domain with local hosting to improve your natural rankings. For example, a website with French content, an .fr domain and a server located in France will appear in results much quicker than French content on a .com domain hosted in the UK. Local hosting is the most effective way to support your SEO strategy.

Proxy servers

An alternative to local hosting is using proxy servers - leaving your site where it is, but routing it through a local server to give it the appearance that it is coming from a local location.

This is less costly and complex than local hosting but search engines are likely to accept the proxy location of the site as its actual location. Proxy servers are particularly effective when the countries you are targeting have poor internet connections, or when you are trying to increase the speed at which your site functions. This will naturally improve the user experience and retain more visitors on the site.

Another way to improve the speed of your connection is to use a 'caching proxy' which will cache, or store the content from your website, or multiple websites to make it more easily accessible to users.

Full servers

As a rule, most sites are hosted on a shared server however if you want to really increase the speed and efficiency of your website, you can dedicate a single server to it.

Single servers provide high performance for your site, but also come at a high cost.


Webcertain can acquire domain names for you, for almost any address you require for over 80 domain extensions. This is not always straightforward, as some domains can only be bought if you have a local presence in the country, and others are very expensive to buy. Whenever it isn't possible, Webcertain can advise on the best course of action as an alternative.

GlobalToo is a flexible service - if you have an unusual request, ask us - we may well be able to help!

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