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Greek - Ancient-History and Modern Greece


The Greek language: an introduction

Greek, originally the second language of the Roman Empire, has a long history and is the basis for the further development of alphabets and language structures in Europe. The Cyrillic alphabet, used by the Russians and other Slavic peoples, was largely based on Greek and it was the first language in which letters stood for vowels as well as consonants. The Greek alphabet, which was at first written right-to-left, was itself a descendant of the Phoenician language.

How many speakers are there of the Greek language?

Modern Greek is spoken by 12 million people around the eastern Mediterranean.

What Greek language issues do I need to watch out for?

Greek is a highly inflected language with a very wide vocabulary - and of course the alphabet is relatively limited in use now to the Greek language itself.

Which major search engines are important to Greek speakers?

Google Greece is the dominant search engine, with 96% market share.

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