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What Are Online Newsletters?

Webcertain has the capability to produce online newsletters which can be emailed to subscriber lists, and have fixed URL addresses so can be crawled, indexed and ranked just like normal websites. As your newsletter archive grows, each issue will be allocated a separate URL so can be searched for individually.

All of this can be done for a fixed fee (monthly, fortnightly... however often you want them to be mailed) which is MUCH lower than the cost of producing and mailing a hardcopy newsletter.

Visitor activity to the newsletter can be monitored and tracked, affording you a broader picture of who is interested in your product or service and how they go about looking for it.

Benefits of an online newsletter

  • Much like a regular website the content and style of an online newsletter can be tailored to mirror a corporate image.
  • Online newsletters benefit from the same keyword optimisation process as websites and so can have their position in search results improved.
  • Links from your newsletter back to your official website can improve the ranking of your site (and vice versa).
  • In addition to your newsletter being found via the normal search result process, you can email it directly to your client database.
  • The content of your newsletter or the subscriber list can be manipulated to ensure the maximum coverage of special events, promotions or announcements.
  • Newsletters can be personalised to enhance customer relationships.
  • Subscribers can add and remove themselves from the mailing list automatically, meaning there is no risk of alienating customers with unsolicited mail.

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