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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular online marketing communications tools. Whether you want to acquire new customers or maintain a relationship with existing ones, email marketing is an effective way of reaching your target audience anywhere in the world.

However, as with all international marketing campaigns, to be effective you need to speak to your audience in their own language and deliver content which is interesting and relevant to them.

Webcertain’s multilingual email marketing services enable you to create email newsletters and eshots in over 36 languages, ensuring that your message will be read and understood by its recipients.

And, unlike many other email marketing solutions, we are also able to offer a service with added SEO benefits.  Each newsletter account comes complete with an optimised, search engine friendly microsite hosting your newsletter archive.

Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters, or enewsletters, are regular news round-ups sent to a database of subscribers. They include new stories related to your industry and sector, as well as company news, offers and promotions and they also enable you to include polls and surveys to encourage audience interaction.

From the template design to researching and writing articles to managing the subscriber database, Webcertain will look after the entire process and can produce content in multiple languages and for multiple markets. And we won’t just translate one newsletter into other languages – each enewsletter will contain local stories that are relevant and interesting to readers.

What do you get from Webcertain’s eNewsletter service?

  • Copywritten newsletter (by native speakers), which includes images
  • Customised template design
  • Database and archive management
  • Hosting of newsletter and management of sends
  • Detailed reporting – so you can see how your email newsletters are performing

And what else?

As a search marketing company, search engine effectiveness is at the heart of what we do so our enewsletters are:

  • Hosted on a separate, indexed website
  • Written with search engines in mind – so all content is optimised
  • Linked to your main website – with high, quality indexed links on prime keywords
  • Suitable for generating on-site newsfeeds which boost SEO efforts


E-shots are generally used to announce new products and services or promote offers or events and are just a single page, which can often be an electronic version of printed marketing material.

E-shots are designed to deliver clear and concise messages and are a good way of supporting other marketing activities or reaching a broad audience at low cost.

E-shots are cost-effective and quick to produce and allow you to easily share your message with contacts anywhere in the world. It is also easy to adapt an e-shot for different languages.

What do you get from Webcertain’s e-shot service?

  • Design and production of the e-shot
  • E-shot distribution
  • Contact Management
  • Reporting so you can see how well the e-shot performed

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