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Chinese Search Engines

China Search Engine Users Demographics

In 2016, China internet search users exceed 7 hundred million and with the increasing penetration of internet search on people's' daily lives, online marketing in China will grow rapidly in coming years. Daily search queries have increased rapidly in the last two years, indicating that search users dependence on search engines is increasing. More search features are available for internet search users. In addition to the essential web page search, together with the MP3 search catering for the users' entertainment needs, there were also news search, image search, map search, and local search. Of all these services, web search was first, followed by MP3, and Image search.

Chinese search engine users most favorite search contents are music, academic knowledge, news, web address, and enterprise and business information.

Which are the most important search engines in China?

China's search engine marketing is the story of the competition between Baidu, Haosou and Sogou. These three search engines have more than 97% of the total Chinese search engine market share.

The Chinese market works differently due to various social, political and technological reasons.


Baidu, established in Beijing Zhong Guan Cun in January 2000, is a leading internet technology company in China. They focus on what they know best - Chinese language search, which makes Baidu one of the world's fastest growing internet search engines.


Owned by Qihoo 360, Haosou was launched in China in 2012. In two years time, Haosou became the second leading search engine in China with over 35% market share.


Sogou search engine was released on 3 August 2004. In 2014, Sogou captured a sizeable 12.8% market share in China.


What differences are there in targeting Chinese search engines compared with others?

China's search engine marketing situation is a bit different than that of any other country. Different culture background and political disagreements (like censorship regulation, government policy, and changeable marketing regulation) bring many challenges and challenges to search engine marketers targeting the Chinese market.

In addition, some of the search engines have their own priorities, like, they will love your website more if you have China domain, like or .cn, or if you're hosted in China.

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