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Build A School In Africa

The Build A School In Africa project was initiated by Webcertain’s CEO Andy Atkins-Krueger. As a company, not only are we good at what we do, we pride ourselves on sharing knowledge with an international focus and this formed the basis of the decision to support a school where there is a real need. 

Working in partnership with Build Africa, we will raise funds to support the building or renovation of schools as well as provide water tanks, teaching and learning materials, skills and knowledge training.

A committee of Webcertain staff, supported by the rest of the business, are running a range of fundraising initiatives to help us raise the money needed to make a real difference in a part of the world that really needs it. You can get updates on our fundraising and details of upcoming events through our Facebook page.

Webcertain Cycle KenyaMost Recent Event - Cycle Kenya

A team from Webcertain will cycle 1,131km - the length of Kenya - over 1 week to raise money for the project. Between us we'll cover the distance through a mix of group and individual rides.  Find out more and sponsor us!

Please feel free to contact us for more information on how you can help these struggling communities of Africa.

Our School - Mbombo

Choosing which school to support was not an easy task but we decided to go for Mbombo Primary School located in a deprived rural area of Western Kenya.

It was started by the local community in 1999 and Build Africa began supporting Mbombo 4 years ago after identifying poor schooling conditions (unsafe classrooms with earthen floors, no windows, leaking roofs). Although much work has already been done, there are still numerous challenges ahead as the number of children enrolling keeps increasing. Currently the school has 433 children attending, yet only 5 permanent classrooms so many children are learning in classrooms made of mudbricks which are at risk of collapsing. It's not only classrooms and schoolbooks which are important - many of the children miss lessons because their parents need them to work or cannot afford to keep them in school.

Build Africa has identified areas for development that we will be funding over the next 2 years:

• A purpose-built classroom so that there are facilities for the very youngest children in the school

• Renovation of two classrooms so that they become safe and secure places to learn

• Children’s desks, teachers furniture and textbooks

• Specific support for female students to ensure they stay in school

• Support for 150 parents to form local Savings and Loans Groups so that they can support their children and keep them in school

This is a fantastic opportunity for us not only to contribute to children’s education but also to support a whole community, not just now but for many years to come.

Learn more about the project and the community and how our fundraising will help.

About Build Africa

Build Africa works in remote areas of Africa on education and livelihoods projects, which provide children and their families with the chance to learn and earn. Their aim is to support the schools and communities where they work, but also ensure that these developments are sustainable. They currently support over 100,000 people in rural Africa to live more fulfilled lives.

One of their education projects, Build a School, is supporting the development of more than 100 schools across Uganda and Kenya. The value of a school is not just the bricks and mortar of the classrooms, but what happens inside them. Through teacher training, child protection, good health and happiness they empower the local community to take ownership of their school. This helps the school to be sustainable and ensures its success for a long time to come. To the communities, this means their children have the best possible chance to be educated and lift themselves out of poverty.

Build Africa won the prestigious Charity Times Award for ‘International Charity of the Year’ in 2012 for delivering outstanding service to their beneficiaries. The award reflects Build Africa’s growing reputation for working alongside beneficiaries, giving them choices and opportunities as opposed to hand-outs. Build Africa encourages communities to identify their own needs and propose solutions to the challenges they face. They then work closely with community members and local leaders to make this a reality, making sure that the community feel ownership for the developments made. This builds their confidence to make these changes sustainable.

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Build a School In Africa
Make a donation to Build A School In Africa using Virgin Money Giving

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