Effective Global App Strategies

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Effective Global App Strategies

Determine the best concept and approach


Apps can complement and enhance your existing marketing strategy, reaching out to users who are spending more and more time on their smartphones and other connected devices.

However, you should not just blindly develop an app without thinking it through properly first. To do so would be a guaranteed waste of time and money. Choosing the right concept is critical and should be the first milestone for any app development project. Before you get close to thinking about colour schemes or quirky features you need to decide the goal of your app, who you’re targeting with it and what you want to achieve with it. If you don’t have a clear idea of how it can enhance your business and your customer experience, it’s probably not going to be worth the effort.

Apps - concept strategy

So, what kinds of specific objectives should your app be focusing on? Well, it really depends on who you are and what your target audience wants. If you are an ecommerce company, you should probably focus on integrating a shopping cart to take payments in-app, whereas if you want your app to boost internal productivity you should develop an app that maximises information sharing. Alternatively, your goals may be to strengthen customer retention or boost brand awareness, which will require a different app offering.

You’ll also need to be aware that your strategy may need to change between different markets. What works well in one country will not necessarily work in another. When thinking about your strategy, you need to consider factors like which the most popular platforms in each market are and what devices your target audience actually uses.

Once you have figured out the answers to these questions (or got us to help you answer those questions instead!) then you’ll finally be ready to decide exactly what kind of app you should be developing for each target market.

Global App Marketing

How will Webcertain help you define the perfect global app strategy?

  • Our knowledge of global mobile usage provides vital intelligence into market strategies.
  • We’ll ask detailed questions to clarify the key goals of your app and what you want it to deliver.
  • We’ll combine our app and international marketing expertise to develop a strategy to suit your business and most importantly the needs of your target audience.
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