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Webcertains 15 Year Story

We must go back to 1997 for the original inception of Webcertain generated by its first client - Andy Atkins-Krüger - to provide a simple, high performance and cost-effective globalisation and international marketing support service focused around online marketing techniques - with selfish reasons the driver.  Andy needed the multi-national support to enable him to succeed as the Marketing Manager of a leading European brand having failed to find any alternate agency solutions with the necessary experience. 

After 5 years, Andy joined the business in 2003 partly thanks to Webcertain’s outstanding performance!  He invested in the business, became its CEO and the business rapidly expanded its customer base and increased the languages handled in-house from just a few, to 44 in the space of a few short years.

The business has been multilingual since its inception and has only ever helped clients with international growth and performance improvement needs.

In the early days, search engine optimisation techniques that could deliver results online in multiple languages were the business’s principal activity.  Andy built a reputation as one of the world’s leading authorities on international SEO speaking at conferences all over Europe, the Americas and Asia.

SEO was so much more effective than the hugely expensive and wasteful display campaigns of the era.  At the turn of the millennium, both Yahoo (Goto/Overture) and Google launched performance advertising tools now more often called pay per click advertising.  Webcertain rapidly adopted these approaches and added them to its online marketing armoury.

In the following years, well know brands such as Xerox, Skype, The British Council, Survey Monkey and many others sought global expertise from Webcertain giving the business a wide industry reputation for online global marketing know-how. Many of the world’s leading brands began attending Webcertain organised events or requesting consultations on their international SEO or digital marketing efforts.

Half way through this history and Social Media entered the fray as a global marketing technique which could be very effective and cost-effective but which wasn’t well understood.  Today this has changed and social media support has become one of Webcertain’s fastest growing areas of involvement with global clients - including through its Trizone global support service dividing the world into 3 major timezones for control, consistency and speed.

In 2008, Philip Hopkinson joined as Finance Director bringing wide accountancy experience.  Philip had previously been Finance Director of large corporations and gave the business more opportunity to successfully expand and grow. 

In 2009, Webcertain acquired a translation agency then known as Multidicta Ltd run by Managing Director, Isabella Ballanti, who continues to run the subsidiary Webcertain Translates Ltd as its Managing Director.  The aim was to develop the SEO-Localisation technique, which had jointly been developed by the two companies prior to the acquisition, into a more seamless solution.  Today, many of the world’s leading brands use SEO-localisation from Webcertain for their websites saving time and money in the process.

2009 was also the year Webcertain began building its own technology known as “Global Central” on which platform a number of  tools have now been built and integrated with each other thanks to being built onto the Global Central agency operating system.

The following is the current suite of products:

Webcertain Know-How - subscription based international information and learning resource.

Webcertain Analytics - a one-stop global analytics system.

Webcertain CMS - a multilingual content management system.

Webcertain Project Management - the management of extremely complex multilingual multi-language projects

Global Central and the above products are all wholly-owned by Webcertain Group Ltd.

Returning to successful and growing marketing techniques, Remarketing or retargeting soon joined the team of effective online marketing tools to be followed very quickly by Real Time Bidding and then as a consequence of the demographic profiling available through social networks, Programmatic Advertising sprang out of the available demographic and “like” data leading to psychographic approaches to targeting.  All are currently being rapidly expanded.

Today, Webcertain remains one of the few leading multi-language independent international digital marketing agencies - headquartered in the UK with regional offices in Europe and Asia. 

Webcertain is led by the following management team:

CEO - Andy Atkins-Krüger - (owns 80% of Webcertain Group Ltd)

Finance Director - Philip Hopkinson (owns 20% of Webcertain Group Ltd)

Director of People Power - Isabella Ballanti (owns 45% of Webcertain Translates Ltd)

Director of Customer Solutions - Ben Lefebvre

Director of Customer Success - Patrycja Wojtkowiak

Director of Innovation - Graeme Sewell

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