Guarantee the quality of your translated website

Your website is your window to the world, so it is important that your translated website content is of the highest quality. A quality assurance check is recommended prior to the launch of a translated website in order to review the localised content in context. This is particularly useful for e-commerce websites where we can recreate the user journey as they make their way around the website. The quality assurance check allows us to identify any amends that should be made before the website goes live and you'll receive a report detailing the findings.

A website translation quality assurance check can help...

When you want to review the localised content in context.

When you want to review the appropriateness of the localised content.

When you want to replicate the user journey on your e-commerce website.

When you require any other context checks for your translated content.

What our clients say

Always going the extra mile to meet client needs

It has been a real pleasure working with Webcertain. The entire team demonstrated very high professionalism throughout the course of the project. They have met the assigned deadlines, provided alternative solutions where issues occurred and were highly responsive, always going an extra mile to meet our needs.

Always a pleasure to work with

Since 2011, Webcertain has gradually translated our website into different languages. Together we have developed a structured workflow using approved translators to deliver content which meets our brand guidelines and appeals to our target customer. They are always a pleasure to work with!

Why is a QA check important?

Your website is your window to the world, so it is important that your translated website content is of the highest quality. This will give the user a positive impression of your brand and encourage them to stay on your website and ultimately convert.

Once a website has been fully localised and optimised, and before it goes live, we recommend that a website translation quality assurance check is carried out to vet the translated content in context for both quality and usability. Ideally, this activity should be performed on a development server before the content goes live but this can be further discussed with you, depending on your requirements.

The website translation quality assurance check is carried out by an independent reviewer who will assess the content, identify any problem areas and suggest any amendments to be made. This service is also ideal for e-commerce websites as we can ask the reviewer to replicate the user journey throughout the website, again assessing the suitability of the translated content in its final context.

Website translation quality assurance process

The length and the complexity of the quality assurance check will depend on the structure and the size of the website to be reviewed. We will employ the use of an independent third-party reviewer who is an experienced proofreader, native speaker of the target language and who is familiar with your industry. They will perform an assessment of the translated content of the website within its final context.

In the case of e-commerce websites, and especially in relation to the localisation of the shopping cart, we recommend that the user journey is replicated by the native speaker quality assurance checker, from the selection of goods to placing the order and the payment. This aspect is project-specific and will be discussed with you in more detail in order to decide the best approach.

The reviewer will compile a report detailing the findings and any recommended amendments.

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