GlobalToo Mirroring Solution


GlobalToo is our international website hosting service which allows you to physically locate part of your website where it will be most effective and will provide a further boost to your SEO efforts. It should be used when local hosting is desirable but not practical due to complications with your content management system. We will set up our GlobalToo solution for your desired URLs. This will pull the content straight from your server on a daily basis to be locally hosted.

Here’s when GlobalToo Mirroring Solution can help!

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    When local hosting is desirable but not easy to achieve due to complications surrounding the content management system


Our GlobalToo solution is a method for moving a specific portion of your website to local hosting and managing it remotely. Technically our GlobalToo solution is not pure mirroring (which implies that exact copies are made) because certain aspects can be changed such as footer addresses and the destination of links in the content.

This service is best used when local hosting is desirable but not easy to achieve due to complications surrounding the content management system. With our GlobalToo solution you can enjoy all the benefits of local hosting whilst keeping your existing process of updating and managing your content through your existing CMS exactly as you're doing now.

GlobalToo also provides the following benefits:

  • Original content remains as before
  • Same content management systems
  • Same cluster management techniques
  • Moved content is delivered slightly quicker to local users
  • Bandwidth on the home cluster is marginally reduced

Our GlobalToo solution pulls in a specific set of URLs from your website to a local server and hosts them there.

Quality process

The process begins by completing a briefing questionnaire to clarify your objectives. This briefing will be visible to all the team members involved with delivering the service and is the foundation for all our quality checks.

Please note that the following requirements must be met in order for us to deliver this service:

  • Must be purchased in combination with local hosting in the respective country.
  • This content must sit on another domain, so a sub-domain or ccTLD is required. We recommend buying a specific local domain for this service as this will greatly speed up the process.

Our websites team will set up our GlobalToo solution for your desired URLs.

Once the service has been set-up, we will go through the newly locally hosted pages and ensure everything works as expected.

We also monitor the pages on an ongoing basis to ensure that our service keeps pulling the newly updated content over on a daily basis.

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