App Citation Sourcing


App citation sourcing is the practice of achieving hyperlinks to your app pages from trusted, app-dedicated websites local to your target market, thus enhancing your app's visibility both for your target audience and search engines. It is essential for gaining more publicity for your app. A native search specialist will identify and contact the most appropriate webmasters in your market and send them a linking request. This will help you to achieve in-text hyperlinks from trusted websites in your target market. We will deliver an Excel report containing all outreach activity, feedback and results.

Here’s when App Citation Sourcing can help!

  • 1

    When you want to target key informational and “reviews” websites relevant to the apps industry in your target market

  • 2

    When you want to get good quality in-text links to your app pages from reliable and popular websites

  • 3

    When you are looking to establish partnerships with key websites in your target market


When internet users surf the net and enter queries into search engines, they usually only look at the first page of search results. It is therefore imperative that your app appears high up on search engine results. In order for your app to rank highly in the results, it must be linked to related, popular and trusted websites.

Getting links pointing to your app from relevant, quality websites can be very challenging. App citation sourcing is the practice of approaching webmasters in order to ask them to insert a link pointing from their website to your app. This approach is beneficial as it is a personalised approach that highlights the relevance of your app to their website and gives them good reasons to want to link to it.

With this service, we will carefully research and identify the webmasters which are relevant to your app using local search engines and local trusted sources in your target market. We will then send them an email requesting that they link to your app.

Factors which are likely to facilitate successful app sourcing include:

  • Offering your app for free (especially if it is a paid app)
  • Accompanying the app with compelling content for potential publication
  • Using a purposively created/shared mailbox (e.g.:

Quality process

We will need details of your app's market and your target language so that we can identify the most appropriate websites to contact. Please note that providing us with an official email address and with full access to the inbox will increase the success rate of this service. Proving incentives such as vouchers, discounts or gift cards will also increase the chances of success.

One of our specialists, who will be a native speaker of your target language, will research and identify the most suitable websites to contact, under the supervision of a project coordinator. They will then contact the website owners and send them a link request via email.

You will receive a report with all outreach activity, feedback and results in an Excel format.

Please note that an approach does not guarantee a live link.

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