Algeria Domain .dz


.dz is the country-code top-level domain for Algeria. Using a local domain will support your geo-targeting efforts and help build trust with your Algerian audience. If you meet Algeria’s special requirements, we will register your .dz domain, ensuring all details are correct and registration requirements are met and will configure it according to your requirements. If you do not meet the requirements, we will offer you a suitable alternative. The domain registration is valid for one year and we will notify you when it is due for renewal.

Here’s when Algeria Domain .dz can help!

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    When you want to secure this domain extension for your brand

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    When you have web content targeting Algeria


.dz is the country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) extension for Algeria. ccTLDs are also known as local domains, and they are strongly recommended whenever you have web content targeting visitors in a specific country.

Using a local domain is a very clear signal for the search engines, telling them exactly which country the content is targeting and it will increase the chances of your website ranking well in Algerian search results. It will also help build trust with your audience, as they will perceive your brand, products and services to be “local”, and therefore more relevant to them and their needs.

We can register a .dz domain for your business, ensuring all of the details are correct on the registration and all requirements are met. We’ll manage the domain on your behalf and notify you when it’s due for renewal.

To register a .dz domain, you must either have a local presence in Algeria or have a registered trademark in the country.

Quality process

We’ll take a brief from you to ensure we have all of the information required to register the domain such as your company name and number, company type, registered address and contact name, phone number and email address for the main point of contact. We will also need to know which server you want the domain to point to.

In order to register a domain in Algeria, you must:

  • have a local presence in Algeria, or
  • have a registered trademark in Algeria (application is not enough); it can be a national Algerian trademark or an international trademark designating Algeria. Trademark must exactly match the domain you wish to register.

If you do not meet the requirements for the .dz domain, we will offer you the equivalent domain as an alternative.

We’ll register the domain, ensuring all details are correct and that all requirements for holding that domain are met. We will also make sure that the domain is pointed to the right servers, and in the case that Webcertain name servers are used, we will set up the required DNS entries.

Algerian domain authorities require name-servers located in Algeria; if you don’t have name servers located in Algeria, we will provide DNS through our local agent’s name-servers which are located in CERIST Data Center.

We’ll notify you when the domain is up for renewal, and re-register it for you if required.

Please note: The cost for the domain is for 1 year only.

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