Corporate Training Adaptation And Module Creation


We will help you to develop online marketing training modules specifically for your company, which will then be taught as part of the International Marketing School at cities around Europe and/or the US. We will hold two long telephone calls with you to prepare and develop two-hour's worth of customer training content to fit alonside existing International Marketing School materials. The content will be emailed to you and a final meeting will then be held to make any final changes.

Here’s when Corporate Training Adaptation And Module Creation can help!

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    When you want to develop online marketing training modules to educate employees in your company


Corporations need to ensure that their culture and techniques are consistently applied across the organisation and this applies equally to online marketing. Effective SEO and PPC and Social training means adopting best practice – not only industry-wide best practice but also the techniques and rules governed by the corporation or by the technologies it uses, such as content management systems or localisation tools.

Via two telephone meetings, we will work with you to prepare and develop of up to two hours of training content to be shared and explained as part of the International Marketing School training courses.

The final modules are usually taught by our team – but video conferencing can be used if essential.

Of course, once developed, these corporate modules can be re-used many times in subsequent training programmes.

Quality process

The process begins with a one-hour meeting to clarify your objectives for the training module. This briefing will be visible to all the team members involved with delivering the service and is the foundation for all our quality checks.

Typically two specific training modules are then developed which are shared online by email before a final meeting signs off the final content.

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