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The final stage of creating a WordPress website is the build. This is when it is populated with all of the content, images and assets across all pages and the website is made live. Working to the brief and utilising content guides, our team will deliver a finished website which is available on your chosen URL.

This service can help…

  • 1

    When you are building a new website.

  • 2

    When creating a live website ready to launch.

What is website build?

Once the functionality and style of a website has been created, it needs populating with all the relevant images, content and assets in order to be made live. It needs to be set up on the correct domain, and all contact forms and downloadable assets must be configured and tested to ensure they will function correctly when live.

The website will be populated with all the relevant information, in line with the brief and utilising content guides to ensure the final website is consistent, attractive and user-friendly. Configuration is a key element to ensure that users have a good experience across the website, that all aspects function as planned and that it is hosted in the correct location.

How it works

As the visuals and functionality have already been signed off, the final website will be constructed in line with everything agreed in the earlier stages.

Content guides will have been provided for every page, to ensure any text, images and assets will fit into the template, be of a high quality and to ensure the correct content is added. Content can be added by you, if you prefer.

The configuration will also be set up according to the brief. This will involve using the correct domain, moving the website to a live server and ensuring contact forms are activated and directed to the correct recipient.

The website will be subject to quality checks before being sent for approval. One round of changes and amends will be included, however, this does not include creating any additional elements or pages not included in the original brief. Any additional elements will be charged for.

Please note that this service is the third step of our three-step WordPress site build process.

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