WordPress site build - Development phase

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The development phase of a website build is when the functionality and framework is created. Based on the visuals and wireframes, our development team will build the components of the website with the required functionality and reflecting the design. The prototype will be sent for review and based on feedback, changes can be made before the final sign-off phase.

This service can help…

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    When you are building a new website.

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    When developing new functionality for a website.

What does website development involve?

Once a website design is finalised, the next stage of the process is to build the framework for the website, as well as the functionality required.

This stage is when the images come to life and begin to appear as a working website. The components required to ensure the website reflects the visual and can be edited and adapted are built, and styled according to the brief and designs.

This phase includes testing, to ensure there are no bugs and that the finished project meets your objectives for the website.

Once complete, the prototype will be shared with you for approval. Any changes or adaptations will then be made before final sign-off.

How website development works

Based on the brief and the visuals and wireframes created, our team of developers will build all of the components required for the website to achieve the desired appearance and functionality.

The time this phase takes will depend on the complexity of the functionality and the number of components needed to create the website. At this stage, it will not include the exact content and images.

Feedback will be requested once all of the components have been created, to ensure the style and functionality is as expected and meets the website objectives. Any additional changes will be made following feedback.

At this stage we will also create content guides (which explain how content must be provided in order for it to be implemented on the website) and send these out to you.

The build stage of the website cannot commence until the development prototype has been approved, and any changes made after this sign-off will incur an additional charge.

Please note that this service is the second step of our three-step WordPress site build process.

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