Baidu Brand Zone Mini Management


Baidu Brand Zone Mini campaign is good for maximizing the visibility of your brand in China. This service covers the management and optimisation of your campaign.

Here’s when Baidu Brand Zone Mini Management can help!

  • 1

    When you want to maximize the visibility of your brand on your brand terms, products on Baidu

  • 2

    You want to block competitors for appearing on your brand terms

  • 3

    You want your Brand Zone Mini campaign managed and want to get experts' recommendations on how to improve your campaign performance


The Brand Zone Mini is a mini version of Baidu Brand Zone ads, which could be suitable for the client who wants to explore the Brand Zone product before going for the full version, or clients with a budget-sensitive campaign. Just like Baidu Brand Zone, Baidu Brand Zone Mini ads combine image, video, text and other multiple-media to showcase the brand and help to raise brand awareness and promote brand image. The ads will be shown on not only Baidu PC and mobile SERPs, it will also appear on 2 other Biadu's most popular platforms: Baidu Zhidao and Baidu News. Ads can be triggered by your purchased brand terms, product names or the questions you set up in Baidu Zhidao.

The CTR of Brand Zone Mini ads can be between 30% - 60% in average. The monthly cost depends on how many branded keywords you want to purchase and during what period you want your ads to show.

This service covers campaign management and performance reporting with optimisation recommendation for your campaign on a monthly basis. We will charge a fixed management fee for this service (bank transfer fee is covered).

Quality process

We'll monitor the performance of your creatives and provide any possible recommendations on improving your campaign performance. We will produce a campaign performance report on monthly basis.

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