Infographic Content Population (Step 2)

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Great infographics summarise complex information in a more digestible way – saving the reader time and effort to understand the topic. We'll add content to your design template, ensuring the data is accurate and that placeholders are adjusted to fit the content to maintain the integrity of the design. 


Here’s when Infographic Content Population (Step 2) can help!

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    When you want to simplify complex facts and figures into an easy-to-understand visual image.

  • 2

    When you want to share infographics as part of your social media marketing campaign.

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    When you want to share content across multiple languages. 



Great infographics summarise complex information in a more digestible way – saving the reader time and effort to understand the topic. It's also a more engaging way to present content that is otherwise 'dry'.

As infographics make great content items they are also generally widely shared.

You'll already have a Design Template for your infographic, tailored to fit the content.

We'll populate the template with the content you supply (i.e. text, images) and ensure visual elements e.g. graphs, 'speedometers', charts etc. are adjusted to match the data they represent.

We'll ensure the finished article maintains the integrity of the design, adjusting placeholders where necessary to fit the content. 


Quality process

The process begins by completing a brief to supply us with the content that will make up the completed infographic.

This will consist of each individual element clearly segmented, enabling us position the right content in the correct placeholder on your previously completed design template. We'll also ensure any graphs, charts etc. are adjusted to reflect the content.

We'll make minor adjustments to ensure the content fits and maintains the integrity of the design – word counts and word wrapping will vary across languages, even when a direct translation is used.

Where we don't feel this can be achieved, we'll contact you to discuss a solution, such as reducing the content word count.

The completed infographic will be sent you for approval. 


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Infographic Content Population (Step 2)

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