Become a Yandex expert

The Yandex Expert course is a comprehensive three-day training programme delivered by the International Marketing School, focused on setting up and managing effective global paid search and display campaigns on Yandex. Combining teaching, interactive sessions and practical activities, the course will give delegates the knowledge and skills to get the most out of Yandex campaigns and prepare them to take the Yandex.Expert test as part of the course. The Yandex Expert training will take place in London.

Yandex training can help...

When you are running international search and display campaigns for your brand or clients.

When you want to improve your knowledge of Yandex.

When you want to know how to expand the reach of your Yandex campaigns.

When you want to learn how to use Yandex Metrica.

What our clients say

Yandex training that gave me confidence

I now feel confident about managing campaigns in Yandex and even how to train my team to do so too.

Why attend Yandex training?

If you are targeting Russia, Turkey, Belarus and/or Kazakhstan with search or display campaigns, you need to be active on Yandex.

The Yandex Expert course delves into the key markets of Yandex, focusing particularly on Russia, to highlight the opportunities and considerations for those markets. The majority of the content focuses on setting up and running paid search and display campaigns on Yandex, looking at everything from how to set up an account to management and reporting. The course has been officially approved by Yandex, and attendees have the opportunity to take the Yandex.Expert test, which when successfully completed, is an internationally-recognised certificate demonstrating proficiency in Yandex.

The course combines teaching, group activities and interactive sessions and is led by Yandex Expert Justyna Wilner. It is a three-day course based in London.


Yandex training course structure

The course is run over three days, which are split up into the following:

Day one

  • targeting Russian customers
  • overview of Yandex history
  • Yandex advertising products map
  • SERP layouts and ad formats overview
  • creating Yandex search campaigns
  • keyword research overview
  • keyword match types
  • working with negative keywords

Day two

  • how Yandex measures quality
  • keyword bidding rules and strategies
  • Yandex advertising network
  • introduction to Yandex Metrica
  • creating retargeting campaigns
  • Yandex audience product overview

Day three

  • introduction to Yandex Commander
  • reporting on your campaign's performance
  • DSA campaign overview
  • smart banner campaign overview
  • search banner campaign overview
  • Yandex Expert test

Each day combines teaching, interactive sessions and activities to ensure you receive practical, actionable and comprehensive training and leave the training competent in managing search and display campaigns. There is maximum number of 12 delegates per course.

On day three, there will be the opportunity to take the Yandex.Expert test and the course tutors will provide the necessary support to prepare you for the test.

You'll receive a Yandex.Expert certificate directly from Yandex if you pass the test.


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