Emailer Distribution


Each time you send an email you need to apply the basic settings e.g. subject line, update tracking, test for broken links etc. and update your receipient list.

Here’s when Emailer Distribution can help!

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    When you are sending an emailer to you list.


Email is a fantastic tool to enable you to keep in touch with your customer and prospect base.

Our monthly subscription service enables you to maintain your email lists, however, there's little benefit in keeping a list if you don't comunicate regular with the peolpe on your list.

Each time you want to send a mailing, we'll:

  • Prepare and validate your recipient list and update with further respondents if required,
  • Set up the appropriate content template and add the subject line,
  • Set up unique tracking so you can identify the performance of the emailer with your Google Analytics account,
  • Test each element of the mailer for broken links,
  • Send a test mailer.

Quality process

We will ask you to advise us of:

  • The date of sending,
  • The template that should be used,
  • Any amendments to the recipient list,
  • Your chosen subject line.

We configure this in the email system adding tracking and then testing each element for broken links, before sending a test email for your approval.

Once approved, we distribute to your mailing list recipients.

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