SEO Booster for Turkey


In order to have a high ranking on Google in Turkey and attract relevant traffic, your website needs to be optimised. A search-trained Turkish native will begin the SEO process by conducting keyword research to identify the relevant terms for the Turkish market. They will use these keywords to do keyword mapping and produce Turkish meta-data for your website. As well as on-page optimisation, they will also submit your website to relevant directories in Turkey to boost your backlink profile.

Here’s when SEO Booster for Turkey can help!

  • 1

    When you want to improve the performance of your existing Turkish website

  • 2

    When you have just launched a new website in Turkey

  • 3

    When your competitors are outperforming you in Turkey

  • 4

    When you are adding new pages/products to your existing Turkish site


The search market in Turkey is dominated by Google. Google's staggering 96% market share makes organic top rankings on its platform the indisputably most effective way to reach Turkey's 36 million large internet population. With an internet penetration of around 45%, Turkey has a developing online market with huge potential for further growth.

When you are targeting Turkey, it is essential that you localise your website specifically for the country. Our skilled team's intrinsic knowledge and understanding of the Turkish search market have over the years helped many leading brands and smaller enterprises significantly boost their revenues through successful SEO campaigns.

A search-trained Turkish native, under the supervision of an experienced SEO project manager, will work to improve your website's SEO. This will include keyword research to identify relevant terms for the Turkish market, as well as keyword mapping to ensure you're targeting the most relevant and appropriate keywords on each page of your website. We'll also develop compelling Turkish meta-content that will support SEO efforts, as well as attract visitors to click through to your website.

In addition to on-page optimisation, this service includes link building to increase the number of quality, local Turkish links coming into your website.

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