SEO Linguistic High Bounce Rate Review


The term “bounce rate” refers to the percentage of visitors who leave your website after seeing only one page. If your webpages have a high bounce rate, then it is important to identify the problem and take steps to lower this. We will conduct a linguistic review of your webpages to review keyword relevance and identify any substandard content from a linguistic or cultural perspective, and provide you with linguistic recommendations for improvement.

Here’s when SEO Linguistic High Bounce Rate Review can help!

  • 1

    When your webpages have high bounce rates of organic traffic that are not the result of technical problems on your website.

  • 2

    When you want to make sure the textual content of your website matches the cultural expectations of the targeted market.

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    When you are not sure of the linguistic quality of your content.


The term “bounce rate” refers to the percentage of visitors who leave your website after seeing only one page. To avoid high bounce rates from your organic traffic, your webpages:

  • Should target the most relevant keywords, to avoid misleading users about your content.
  • Need to be culturally appropriate.
  • Need to be well-written, compelling, engaging, authoritative and relatable.

These necessities can become great challenges when your content stems from translation. If your website shows high bounce rates, it can be worth submitting its content for linguistic review by our team.

We will conduct a review of your webpages and will suggest amendments if any linguistic or cultural inadequacies are found. We will also identify any problems with your keywords, so that we can work to help you attract the right kind of traffic to your pages.

Quality process

The process begins by completing a briefing questionnaire with your project manager to clarify your objectives. This briefing will be visible to all the team members involved with delivering the service and is the foundation for all our quality checks. We will need access to the webpages you want to have reviewed, and ideally, the ranking and bounce rate analytics.

A native SEO specialist, under the supervision of your project manager, will review your SEO efforts including your target keywords, and will signal any need to change your strategies. If your content is of a poor quality, they will provide linguistic recommendations designed to help you reach your target audience more effectively while ensuring that the relevant strategies that direct users to your website are not lost. Spelling, grammar, syntax, style, forms of address and register will all be given a thorough check and suggestions for amendments will be provided wherever deemed necessary.

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