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If you intend to distribute your video internationally, it is essential that you create subtitles in your target language as failing to do so will cause problems with comprehension. Once you have translated and synchronised your subtitles, you may decide that you want to give the viewer the option to switch them on and off throughout the course of the video. We will create a subtitle document for your video for each target language, which you can use for closed-captioning or we can encode the subtitle document to your video depending on your requirements.

A subtitle document can help…

When you want to distribute your video internationally.

When you require your video to have optional multilingual closed-caption subtitles which can be switched on or off at will.

When you want to release your video as a multi-language DVD.

When you want to publish your video on the web.

Video translation: The three main options explained

What our clients say

Audiovisual - took an impossible task for us and made it a reality.

Webcertain approached our project with great care, thought, and expertise. Their team met with us to ensure they understood all the requirements for the project and maintained regular communication throughout.

The timeliness and quality of their work from translation and voice over options to video services cannot be overstated. They took what seemed like an impossible task for us and made it a reality.

Christie Wilson,
Director of Training,
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Why are subtitles important?

When you have created video content in English and want to distribute it internationally, it is important that you subtitle it in your target language. If you do not, then the language barrier will instantly discourage your target audience from watching the video as they may not understand the content and will not think that it is relevant to them.

When you want to create translated, synchronised subtitles, you should decide whether you want to have the subtitles burnt into your video or whether you simply want to receive the subtitles in a document format to display them using closed captioning. You should think about the intended use and outlet of the video prior to choosing the delivery format of the subtitles.

The main benefit of using a subtitle document is that the translated subtitles can be switched on or off at will throughout the viewing of the video. This option is ideal for the following:

  • web-based videos for YouTube, Vimeo, MP4 etc.
  • videos to be produced as multi-language DVDs

We will create a subtitle document, which can be used for closed-captioning of web videos or encoded to your video, for each target language.

Please note: A minimum charge applies to videos less than five minutes in length.

How it works

Once the subtitles have been finalised and quality checked, your video will be ready to be mastered.

We will provide the subtitles either as a separate document that can be used for closed-captioning, or we can encode the subtitle document to the video.

We are able to deliver subtitle documents in over 30 different formats including the following: .stl / .pac / .scc / .sif / .rtf / .das / .dar / .mtl / .cip / .sbv / .vtt / .usf / .fdx / .html / .fpc / .aqt / .asc / .ass / .dat / .dks / .js / .jss / .lrc / .mpl / .ovr / .pan / .pjs / .rt / .s2k / .sami / .sbt / .smi / .son / .srf / .srt / .ssa / .sst / .ssts / .stl / .stp / .sub / .tts / .vkt / .vsf / .zeg / .txt / .xml

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