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Gain insights into your main competitor's content marketing strategy

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Use your competitor's content strategy to improve your own

Understanding your main competitor's content marketing strategy can help inform and improve your own content marketing efforts. A Content Marketing Strategist will conduct an audit on your main competitor's content marketing strategy, searching the web for their brand and certain keywords, and will produce a report based on the top 50 results. We will analyse the data and break it down by various filters including topic, keywords, anchor text, type of website, target audience and author.


A competitor content marketing audit can help...

  • 1

    When you want to know what your competitor is talking about.

  • 2

    When you want to know how often your competitor is publishing content.

  • 3

    When you want to improve your future content strategy.


Why is it important to know what your competitor is doing?

It is important to be aware of your main competitor's content marketing strategy as this knowledge can help to inform and improve your own strategies and provide useful insights into the market landscape. Knowing their weaknesses can tell you where you can most successfully expand your content marketing efforts and understanding their strengths can highlight the areas where you need to create clever, alternative content and different tactics you can try.

We will conduct an audit on your key competitor's content marketing strategy, including details such as their most popular topics and keywords. We will also provide recommendations on what your content marketing strategy should focus on based on these findings.

We will send you an Excel file containing links to where your competitor's content is online, and a PowerPoint file containing stats and graphs that analyse their content in more detail.


How the audit works

The process begins by completing a briefing questionnaire with your Account Manager to clarify your objectives for the audit. This briefing will be visible to all the team members involved with delivering the audit and is the foundation for all our quality checks. We will need to know the name of your competitor's brand.

Our team of Content Marketing Strategists will search the web for your chosen competitor's online content. They will produce a report based on the top 50 results and will break down the data by various filters such as the topics covered, keywords and anchor text used, type of website the content was published on, the target audience and the content authors.

This audit will be presented to you in a PowerPoint format, along with an Excel file containing links to the content itself.

This audit covers one competitor only. Should you want to audit multiple competitors, you will need to order the relevant number of audits.


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Competitor content audit

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