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Content Marketing can be very effective, but only when the strategy is carefully planned and executed. We will develop a detailed Campaign Plan and Editorial Calendar, to determine a strategy to distribute, share and promote your content in the most appropriate channels, to the most relevant audience. We can create a montly calendar plans which will detail themes and topics of your content. We will also include when and where your content will be shared to achieve maximum impact and meet your goals.


Here’s when Editorial Calendar Creation can help!

  • 1

    When you want to launch a content marketing strategy

  • 2

    When you want to develop an SEO marketing-led strategy

  • 3

    When you want recommendations on how to use your content effectively



Studies show that international content marketing strategies reach a significantly greater share of the target audience when supported by SEO. In the same way that television prompts people to search online for celebrities, historical events, places and news items, shared content prompts readers to follow-up with keyword searches online. This is notably more apparent where the awareness is lower, so in countries where the brand strength is less.

You'll need a Campaign Plan and Editorial Calendar Creation tailored to your needs, if you are considering a Content Marketing Strategy for:

  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Social Media
  • Organic Ranking (SEO)

Our team can help you create a campaign plan and editorial calendar aligned to your marketing goals to help you:

  • Increase your social audience
  • Increase your brand visibility
  • Improve the quality of your link building
  • Increase the traffic to your website, blog or social properties
  • Generate leads

You will receive a detailed campaign plan with strategy by audience, channel, keyword, topic, distribution/promotion tactics and channels. The plan also includes an Editorial Calendar defining the content pieces by Audience, Topic and Channel that will be created/used/modified as part of the campaign and distribution/promotion dates.


Quality process

The process begins with us taking a detailed brief from you, including a short questionnaire to establish what content you have available already in the target language and if you are able to produce new content or need help from us for creation or translation.

We'll discuss KPIs and Goals of the campaign and the channels we will be using in the campaign. A discussion on the type of keywords and phrases you would like to rank for is also necessary to ensure that the campaign plan incorporates the target topics or phrases. Based on the budget and objectives of the campaign, we will provide a campaign plan with editorial calendar to ensure that the content is promoted in the most appropriate channels to achieve the desired results.

Our experienced Account Management team will work with you to provide a campaign plan and editorial calendar that is designed to meet your goals. We create montly calendars.


Webcertain Group is passionate about generating business growth for its clients in any part of the world. A team of native speakers of all the world’s major languages works together to achieve client objectives - no one understands working with different cultures and the nuances of language in the globe’s search engines better than the Webcertain multilingual teams. Webcertain operates in 44 languages.

Benefits of working with Webcertain:

International specialist since 1997

Transparency and online portal management

No minimum contract period

No minimum order value

International know-how shared

Quick response times

Editorial Calendar Creation

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