Simultaneous Interpreting

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Simultaneous interpreting will make interacting with your overseas clients easier during larger meetings or conferences. Depending on your needs, we will provide an experienced interpreter to accompany you to such situations. We will require two weeks’ notice prior to the meeting in order to arrange for a suitable interpreter based upon their background and availability. We also request as much information as possible about the meeting in order to brief the interpreter in plenty of time.

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Here’s When Simultaneous Interpreting Can Help!

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    Court proceedings

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    Focus groups for Market Research

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    Exhibitions and events

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There may be times when you are required to attend a meeting or conference with some of your overseas clients, associates or competitors. In these cases, language barriers may arise and pose potential problems. Our simultaneous interpreting service provides you with an independent interpreter who will accompany you to such meetings, allowing you to liaise with your associates in a variety of different languages.
We have a database of experienced freelance interpreters who can demonstrate a sound knowledge and understanding of your industry sector and who are native speakers of the language(s) you require.

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Quality Process

For the purposes of simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter sits in a soundproof booth, receiving the speech of the source-language speaker through a headset. The interpreter then renders the message into the target language almost simultaneously. The delegates of the meeting will then hear the interpretation of their chosen language through their headset.

Due to the sheer amount of concentration needed for simultaneous interpretation, especially in lengthy meetings, two interpreters may be required depending on the circumstances.

For simultaneous interpretation to work effectively, it is important that the interpreters are provided with adequate background information regarding the content of the meeting or conference. Ideally, we would ask you to provide us with as much information as possible in order to pass this onto the chosen interpreter(s).

We’ll put a lot of preparation into making sure that we select interpreters with specialist knowledge in your industry and that we have a clear localised style guide and glossary so our team can understand your brand guidelines.

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Simultaneous Interpreting

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