Organic Amplification Techniques Twitter


Twitter provides a number of useful paid organic amplification options which, when deployed by experienced social media professionals, can be highly effective at broadening the reach of great content - content which deserves to reach a wider audience more quickly.  Our team will provide a synchronised solution which works alongside your overall content strategy deploying promoted tweets and promoted accounts on your behalf!

Here’s when Organic Amplification Techniques Twitter can help!

  • 1

    Looking to expand the reach of existing social media activities

  • 2

    When promoting content to a wider audience is part of your strategy

  • 3

    Want to build a wider community around a topic or theme more quickly

  • 4

    Benefit from great content but want to see it shared more often

  • 5

    Want to generate natural inbound links through great content

  • 6

    Have very active Twitter accounts but small audience

  • 7

    Want to get a message across quickly via social media

  • 8

    Are seeing competitors race ahead with messaging and need to catch up

  • 9

    Don't have internal resources to build your Twitter followers

  • 10

    Have short term goals and need quick results


Those ubiquitous 140 characters already reach an extensive audience and Twitter is certainly a very useful part of your content amplification.  Tweeting like mad and connecting like crazy don't necessarily bring the results you and your team had planned.  A little amplification will definitely help.

Twitter provides a number of paid organic options which can help you to reach the targets you really intend - not limited by the volume of tweets you can originate or distribute.  And there is an audience for every topic and theme within Twitter today.  Often working alongside Facebook activities and YouTube, a relatively small amount of media spend can demonstrate impressive results. 

The amplification will always be undertaken by social media professionals who understand the true essence of the trust and belief which must be connected to your online social presence.

Quality process

You will benefit from working with a highly experienced and pro-active team nurturing your content and protecting your reputation at the same time.

You will provide access to our administrators to manage your Twitter account your behalf.  It's important to point out that only procedures explicitly authorized by you will be undertaken.Our team will follow your account to monitor and react as well as using the account in coordination with your overall content strategy.

Then the team will go into action using the Twitter account to expand the reach of your content in a way which is synchronised with your content strategy.  The team will deploy a mixture of hte following paid organic amplification units:

  • Twitter Promoted Tweets (DIY)
  • Twitter Promoted Accounts (DIY)
  • Twitter Search Results (DIY)
  • Sponsored hashtags (Direct Buy)

This service is often coordinated with a similar use of Facebook pages or YouTube.

The activity is always undertaken by highly experienced individuals who are typically thought-leaders in this field. The activity often results in the generation of links and social signals, which are crucial for SEO.

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