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If you want more technical SEO support then you currently receive in your weekly/monthly meetings with your account managers, then one of our SEO strategists can join your meeting. They will conduct an in-depth analysis of your website, present the technical SEO slides during the meeting, follow up with you via email and also provide monthly e-mail and phone call support.

Here’s when SEO Support can help!

  • 1

    When you are working on an on-going SEO campaign and require full SEO support to help the progress of your campaign

  • 2

    When the results from your SEO campaign have started to level off and you require further insights to further boost site traffic

  • 3

    When you have limited SEO knowledge and require additional expertise to help drive your campaign forwards

  • 4

    When you have started a new SEO campaign and require additional SEO support


If you want more detailed, technical SEO support than is provided by your account manager in your weekly/monthly meetings, you can request an SEO specialist to join your meeting and provide more in-depth SEO advice.

One of our highly experienced SEO strategists will perform some analysis of your site before attending the meeting with your account manager to provide SEO insights specifically tailored to your site’s needs, helping to increase the success of your campaign.

This will help you to gain some deep insights into traffic and ranking increases and what areas of your site are performing well compared to those areas which may need further attention.

We recommend using this service as part of an on-going process, using it weekly or monthly.

Quality process

An SEO strategist will do the following:

  • Perform analysis of your website prior to the meeting to gain a deeper understanding of the websites strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement.
  • Consult with your account manager prior to the meeting to discuss ideas for inclusion on the presentation deck.
  • Be present throughout the duration of the meeting and will personally present the SEO insight slides. There will also be the opportunity for a questions and answers session in the meeting.
  • Follow the meeting up with an email covering the topics discussed in the meeting and an action plan.
  • Provide monthly e-mail and phone call support.

Please note that the price of this service does not cover the cost of any actions you may want to carry out as a result of the meeting.

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