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As smartphones increase in both popularity and sophistication, businesses are increasingly turning to apps to further boost their brand awareness and engagement. Once you have built an app, it is important to retain your users by adding additional features to reward your customers. An app developer will build the following features into your app: a coupon generator, a QR code reader, and push notification capability. We will conduct a thorough check to ensure features display and function correctly. We will require your sign off before submitting to your desired app store(s) and once live, 3 months of development support is given to ensure your app remains stable and bug free.


Here’s when Customer Incentive App Pack can help!

  • 1

    When you want to increase user retention of your existing app

  • 2

    When you want to use promotions and incentives to boost customer loyalty and repeat business

  • 3

    When you want to send messages directly to the device screen of your app users

  • 4

    When you want a more modern approach when implementing a customer loyalty scheme

  • 5

    When you want to incorporate QR codes into your marketing materials to make users aware of offers or new products/services while on the move

  • 6

    When you want to gain a competitive edge and tap into an app savvy market



When you have launched your app and would like to increase user retention and engagement, an effective way to grow a loyal army of customers and get them to spread the word about your business is to create additional incentives just for them.

Utilising mobile technology and additional features built into your content management system (CMS), you can target your existing customers and send them rewards which are only accessible from their mobile app. Furthermore, a simple push notification feature can be used to send messages from your CMS, directly to the device home screen of all app users; to remind and inform them about any upcoming events, promotions or any other valuable information about your business.

We will build the following additional features into your app:

  • Coupon Generator – This solution allows you to create discounts and offers in your content management system, which are pushed to the app and can be saved to their Passbook (iOS) or Google Wallet and redeemed in store or shopping cart.
  • QR Code Reader – QR codes are a great way of directing users to a specific piece of information, from a contact card for your business to a web page containing a promotion or product/service information. This solution allows you to create QR codes which can be added to your marketing materials and scanned by users, no matter where they are.
  • Push Notifications – These are a great way of telling customers about your next big event or a special promotion, with the app sending an alert straight to the homepage of their phone or tablet. They serve as powerful tools that remind customers about your business and build brand loyalty.


Quality process

In order for us to deliver this service, you will need:

  • An existing app and CMS
  • App screen designs for the coupon generator, QR code reader, and push notification features
  • Copy for your app navigation and screen contents
  • Additional app store page content (to update your app store pages)

Our development team will integrate the coupon system and database into your existing CMS. Then, we’ll setup web services which will allow coupons to be pushed to app users who can then save these to their Passbook (iOS) or Google Wallet accounts to reclaim in store or via your website.

Next, we will integrate the QR code generator into your CMS, which will allow you to convert website URLs to QR Codes that can be used in your marketing materials.

In order to send push notifications to app users, their device will be auto-registered into the backend system upon downloading from the app store, which will require modification to the database. We will modify the CMS and web services, giving the ability to send messages to these registered users.

Whilst setting up web services, which will push information between the CMS and the app, our developers will code the new version of your app on our development platforms. When coding is complete, we will run simulations on a beta version of the app to identify and fix any crashes encountered.

Once you have also tested you app and given it your approval, we will transfer the updated CMS to your server and submit the new version of your app to the relevant app store(s) with any new copy for the app store description. Once submitted, the app stores will review as per the usual process.

When your app is made live, we will provide 3 months of free development support to ensure your app remains stable and bug free.


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Customer Incentive App Pack

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